Handmade Jewelry FAQ

Frequently asked Questions

1.  What are my payment options?  
We accept Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover.  
2.  I'm having trouble placing my order online. What should I do?  
We can be reached M-F 9a.m.-3:30p.m. CST at 877-891-0320.  We can also be reached through email at thejewelryjunkie@hotmail.com.  It is our goal to return all emails in 24hrs.
3.  Why can’t I access my wholesale account online?
We’ve recently updated our website and ordering system to provide easier shopping for our customers! While we understand the frustration of not being able to access your account right away, you can easily access it just as soon as you set up a new password for your account. Click on the ‘Contact Us’ link at the bottom of our website page and let us know that you cannot access your account, and we will send you a link to reset your password. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we continue to create an excellent shopping experience for you!
  1. Why am I paying retail prices on my wholesale account?
Once you are logged in to your wholesale account, you will not be charged retail prices as long as you meet your minimum purchase requirement of $200 or more retail pricing for re-orders. This total will actually be $100 with your wholesale account and will show the 50% off discount at the bottom of the page as a lump sum.
  1. Why won’t the website show me wholesale prices?
With the update to our website, some changes had to be made with the ordering process due to the limitations of Shopify, our website host.  Unfortunately, this changed how some things are viewed on the website including always showing the retail prices for each product. Be rest assured that your wholesale discount will always be applied if you are logged in as a wholesale customer.  The discount will be displayed at the bottom of your order as a lump sum of 50% off the total of the order.
  1. Can you update/change my password for me?
For your own security, your sign-in information is only visible to you. We cannot access your password and you must go through the “forgot password link” to change/create your individual password.
  1. Can I call my orders in over the phone?
We are always happy to assist you in ordering the products that you love, although we prefer for you to order online.  You can see the pictures of the items as you order, which helps eliminate order errors. However, should you need to call an order in, we will happily help you in placing it. Please have the item #’s and quantities ready.  We can be reached M-F from 9-3 CST
  1. Why do you need a copy of my Tax ID?
State Law requires that we keep your papers on file for all tax exempt customers. If you have not submitted that to us yet, please make sure that you do as soon as possible so that we can continue to provide you with the products you love.
  1. Why are items missing from my order that I received?
While we apologize if anything was overlooked or forgotten in your order, most of the time it is a product that we are waiting on supplies to give you the best product we can. If an item is on back order, we will sometimes ship to you the items that we do have, and send a separate shipment containing the back ordered items just as soon as we have them available for you. We thank you for your patience in these situations.
 10.  Why do the products I received not look like what I ordered?
Due to the hand crafted nature of our creations and due to the uniqueness of natural materials, variations will occur in color and size. Please keep this in mind when ordering.
 11. Can you make items that show the Texas state plate for other states?
We can! Because state plates other than Texas are not kept in stock, there will be an additional 2 weeks added to your shipping date for us to receive the requested state plates. We require a six-piece minimum to order.
 12.  Can I customize?
While we do like to accommodate most requests for customizing, our pieces are very unique and designed a particular way that we take pride in being able to provide to you. We are extremely grateful that you love the designs we have available to you!
 13.  Do I have to pay more shipping for back order items?
When an item is placed on a back order and we ship you a partial order, you will not be charged any additional shipping costs. We want to get your hand crafted products to you as quickly as we can without having to wait. We will ship to you what we have, and then send the back order items at our cost just as soon as we have it available.
14.  Do you save my payment information?
For your own security, we no longer keep your payment information on file. You will need to enter in a credit card every time you place an order.
15.  Do you zip code protect?
Yes, we do zip code/area protect as long as you place a minimum order of $100 every 4 months.