Desert Rodeo:  Flaunt your Jewelry Junkie style with Bold Boho Appeal

Desert Rodeo: Flaunt your Jewelry Junkie style with Bold Boho Appeal

Desert Rodeo: Coachella-Approved Statements to Flaunt your Jewelry Junkie with a Bold Boho Appeal

Coachella fever has been raving for the past week with remarkable iconic performances, a crazy round of parties and an influx of style savvy streetwear statements. Music festivals, particularly the Coachella party circuit, has bid its goodbyes to the floral and feminine antics of the Boho trend bandwagon in the most fabulous of ways, and we are extremely delighted to witness a bolder dimension into this raging western style.

Needless to say, Boho has emerged on the fashion radar with a stunning range of diversity, variety and versatility that allows everyone to indulge in this trend without being restrained to a set pattern of how Boho ought to be. Ladies, this season, the raging trend of Boho has undergone a sassy makeover, and there’s a refreshing new trend on the fashion radar: Desert Rodeo. The Jewelry Junkie has everything you need to achieve this trend this season!


Desert Rodeo: Strong Texas Vibes & Cowgirl Sass found in The Jewelry Junkie’s Spring 2019 offerings!

The Californian style statements have been revived with a powerful Texas free-spiritedness and the unpretentious confidence of the wild wild west. Whether you’re flaunting one of our wild and bold cow girl squash blossom necklaces, or a sassy and colorful tooled leather bag lined with leather fringe, the idea is to build a statement that is in line with the desert rodeo trend.

Flowers and romantic aesthetics that were once the prime attraction of Boho trends have taken a back seat this season as The Jewelry Junkie has done away with these standardized statements to funnel in a refreshing new change. Come to think of it, women who previously avoided frilled and floral maxi dresses and skimpy kaftans can now indulge in the Boho trend with a cowgirl vibe by adding a fringed leather jackets, and worn cowgirl boots.

Boho has been merged with strong Americana Texas vibes to give birth to a trend that is super-functional, versatile and most importantly, flattering for the modern women who have to work in the morning, hit the gym in the afternoon and meet up for drinks later in the evening. These smartly tailored and sassy western-inspired trends allow women a great deal of diversity and the opportunity to stand out in the crowd with a loud and bold appeal.   See all of The Jewelry Junkie’s Desert Rodeo collection in the “What’s New” tab on our website!

This season, the must-have trends that we urge all our Jewelry Junkies to scoop up include cowhide print earrings, leather fringe purses, and bold tassels hanging from gemstone necklaces.