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Are leather earrings popular?

Leather teardrop earrings have taken the fashion world by storm with their unique look and style. Since leather comes in different textures, colors, and grains, leather earrings are incredibly versatile jewelry pieces. While leather has dominated the handbag, shoes, and outerwear department, it's now gaining traction within the jewelry industry.

Leather earrings make a remarkable trend with its Bohemian touch. Jewelers also pair them with modern styles using the addition of gems and precious metals.

Such design makes leather earrings chic across all the seasons. It's also easy to pair with almost any outfit, not to mention that it complements your facial features.

If you are shopping for handcrafted earrings online, leather earrings will break the monotony of your jewelry collection. Whether it's Bohemian parties, rock, and roll, casual wear, or a fashion show, leather earrings always have a place for in every lady's wardrobe choice.

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How do I choose the right leather earrings?

When choosing a pair of leather teardrop earrings, first decide on the type of leather you like. You can find earrings made of genuine leather or faux leather. The latter is cheaper, but it is just as gorgeous and vegan-friendly, too.

Next, choose the style that you want. You can choose from teardrop, fringe, and oval leather earrings from our collection at The Jewelry Junkie. Our leather earrings also come in different colors!

Size also matters. You want to make sure that your leather teardrop earrings do not overpower your face. And since leather earrings are handcrafted, expect no two pairs to look the same. This makes your pair totally unique!