5 Winter Packing Tips-Change your look with Jewelry!

5 Winter Packing Tips-Change your look with Jewelry!

We wanted to share an awesome blog post we were recently mentioned in by Ciao Sassy.  Leslie has been a great friend and has partnered with us on a number of photo shoots.  Check out her article below and find more great posts at ciaosassy.com

I used to be the worst packer in the world – I mean the worst! My old strategy was simple: cram as much crap as possible into the largest bag I can bring without paying extra. Trust me, I know you will judge me because I am the woman who complains about carrying her own luggage but, moves heavy furniture alone and lifts weights for fun.  Why is it a 50 pound rolling suitcase seems so much heavier than a solid wood dresser? Since moving abroad, I have been doing tons more traveling and learned a few tricks for traveling in winter.

1.     Wear Your Biggest Pair Of Shoes And Bulkiest Coat On Travel Day

I travel with two coats. A mid-length black trench and a black “puffy” coat. (See previous blog post for more information on puffy coats) During winter travel, your coat is the focal point of your outfit. My puffy coat takes up very little space, so it gets packed away on travel day and I wear the black trench. Same goes for shoes. I wear my tall black boots and pack my smaller tennis shoes in my carry-on. 

2.     Solid Dark Colors And Layers

Layers serve two purposes: (1) they keep you warm, and (2) allow the wearing of items multiple times without the added benefit of armpit stink. I typically wear a fitted T-shirt under a turtleneck sweater. H&M has really inexpensive solid color fitted T-shirts. This gives me the option to wear the sweater multiple times and the T-shirt comes in handy for lounging around the hotel and sleeping. Solid, dark colors are the most versatile for travel because they easily go from casual to dressy. The best part about dark colors: they hide stains. Trust me, I spill on everything. (a small price to pay for being a red wine lover) Of course my personal favorite is anything black. Black is timeless and can be dressy or casual. (

3. Change Your Look With Accessories

Scarves, earrings, and jewelry make an outfit complete and take up virtually no space. I usually travel with a neutral colored scarf and a faux fur scarf. These are super versatile and can be worn dressy or casual. Additionally, I love the jewelry from The Jewelry Junkie. Their pieces are reasonably priced and are designed to work together. It is amazing how a statement necklace or stacked bracelets can really jazz up a black sweater.

4.     Invest In A Great Packable Hat

I just got a new hat at a local market that is crushable and waterproof. It has been a lifesaver on my last two trips. It looks great and is perfect for traveling with a large family. The struggle is real when all of us are sharing a bathroom. Whether you love a fedora or a cotton beanie, a great hat can keep you warm and cut down on time needed to get ready. Plus, hats just give off that vacation wanderlust vibe.

5.     Roll Your Clothes

Although this is a general packing rule,  it is especially helpful when it comes to bulkier, winter clothes.  I can usually fit twice as much in my carry-on when I roll my clothes.  The added bonus, the clothes don’t get wrinkled.

I hope these tips helped.  If you have any winter packing tips, please share in the comments. 

Happy packing!