Handmade Jewelry Collection

What is the Difference Between Handmade and Handcrafted Jewelry?

One of the common questions we receive is: is there a difference between handmade and handcrafted jewelry? The answer is yes, there is!

A piece of jewelry is called handcrafted if manual hand labor was involved during the process.

From scratch, artisans create the jewelry without any machinery. All the metal tools are manipulated manually by hand. This is the reason why handmade jewelry is prized by many fashion enthusiasts.

Aside from handmade and handcrafted jewelry, there are also so-called artisan pieces. These are handmade and usually created by known artists.

Here at The Jewelry Junkie, we offer handmade jewelry online. Unlike a handcrafted jewelry shop, we make everything by hand. It guarantees the quality and aesthetic of our handmade jewelry collection.

Why should you choose handmade jewelry?

Handmade jewelry is produced by local artisans who dedicate effort, skill, and time to create each piece. Unlike mass-produced jewelry, handmade ones are lauded for their quality, design, and bespoke look. When it comes to handmade pieces, no two pieces are alike!

At The Jewelry Junkie, we pay extreme detail to every handmade jewelry collection we offer. We take pride in our in-house designers and craftsmen who make each piece happen.

By buying handmade jewelry, you are supporting the livelihood of many locals. Unlike artificial jewelry, handmade pieces are sustainable, eco-friendly, and made with a heart.

Next time you plan to shop for accessories, don’t forget to check our handmade jewelry online. We always have something new to offer for every style.