About Our Handmade Jewelry Website

The Jewelry Junkie opened its doors in November of 2004 with a simple mission in mind: to provide high-quality, handcrafted artisan jewelry and boho accessories at affordable prices that help support local and national charities. Many years later, though our product line is ever-evolving, those values haven't changed, and we've grown to become one of the leading handmade jewelry manufacturers today. Additionally, 10% of ALL profits are donated to charities that are close to our heart.

Female-owned and operated, we are a Texas-based handmade jewelry manufactuerer with a variety of handcrafted jewelry and leather accessories you can't find anywhere else. Catering to both the boho accessory lover and the wholesale jewelry customer, our focus is on Southern-inspired jewelry styles with a modern twist. 

At The Jewelry Junkie, we strive to create our boho fashion jewelry with the word "unique" in mind. From sleek and chic to funky and junky, you can find all your bohemian accessories here, whether that be long boho necklaces, soft leather earrings, bold stone rings, or beaded boho bracelets

Our handmade jewelry catalog is full of one-of-a-kind boho accessories and handcrafted artisan jewelry that can't be found anywhere else. Don’t wait too long to snag them for your women's clothing boutique or personal collection of handmade jewelry — we strive to keep up with the constantly changing fashion trends and move through products quickly.

Though our inventory is unique, high-quality, and enticing, it’s outstanding customer service that separates our handmade jewelry website from the rest. We strive to exceed your expectations, whether that be wholesale boho jewelry for your boutique or a special pair of handcrafted earrings for yourself. Our small staff ensures that you will be treated with the utmost respect and care any time you contact customer service. To the hard-working women behind The Jewelry Junkie, every customer counts!

What does this all mean? You can count on us for a fun, hassle-free shopping experience, every single time. 
Order our wholesale handmade jewelry here, or shop our featured jewelry collections to check out the latest styles in bohemian fashion jewelry!