Trends We Love This Month!

Trends We Love This Month!

2017 has arrived! And we are loving this years Spring Fashion Trends! 

Spring is such a fun time of year! Floral patterns, bright colors, warmer weather! Spring is the perfect time to try something new and adventure outside of your comfort zone. 

Need some Spring Fashion Inspiration? Here are three trends we are crushing on this month:

1. Wood Accents - This is part of the tribal trend that has made an appearance this season. Wood accents balance out bright colors and match with every color. A wood necklace and bracelet are the perfect accessories for that outfit you never seem to have the right jewelry for. 

Items 233V, 233R, 021A


2. Wrap Chokers - Wrap-around chokers are so fun because there are lots of different ways to style them. A good way to think about it, is that you can wear them like a scarf. So wrap them once, twice, three times, or even tie them in a bow! Our newest wrap chokers come in different stones and styles for every outfit.

Items 233H, 235J, 233F


3. Multi-Strand Bracelets - These are great because we are huge fans of layering jewelry, the multi-strand bracelets just make it so much easier! The tassel keeps all the bracelets together, so there's no more need to spend time trying to layer the perfect stack. We offer this style in 9 different stones!

Items 021J, 021H, 021I