Unique Bohemian Jewelry to Create Your Own Style

Unique Bohemian Jewelry-Create Your Own Style



Unique Bohemian Jewelry – Create Your Own Style

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Boho jewelry is a style that originated from the bohemian culture. Commonly described as free-spirited, tribal and ethnic. Unique bohemian jewelry gives you the freedom to mainstream fashion. The best feature about this jewelry is that it frees you from the typical so you can experience a different type of style.

Boho jewelry stores sell Boho jewelry designed with fashion jewelry in mind. You can easily find sleek and chic to funky and junky, bohemian accessories here in our online store. Mark your presence at any occasion by using pieces like long boho necklaces, soft leather earrings, bold stone rings or beaded boho bracelets.

With the constantly changing trends, it’s good to buy handmade jewelry, boho accessories and handcrafted artisan jewelry that can be found online. These stores provide an easy way to order for your women's clothing boutique or personal collection of handmade jewelry.  Ordering from The Jewelry Junkie will ensure innovatively designed, top quality and enticing boho jewelry with top-quality customer service.

Boho draws its fashion roots from the hippie style. Though, it has become more liberal and welcoming of new fashion influences, authentic boho style is well merged with an urban touch to keep up with the ever-changing taste in fashion. The most common types of Boho jewelry will include semi-precious stones such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, labradorite, amethyst, quartz and more.

Bohemian jewelry has elements of bright colors, textiles, leather, rattan and other natural materials. The unique fringes and tassels give the perfect boho look. Some artists also pair their pieces with unexpected décor that make it stand out even more. Boho jewelry is available in different colors including yellow, bright pink, jade, turquoise, amethyst, saffron, and magenta. There can also be mixed with prints instead of plain colors to give you a stylish look throughout the day.

Originating in Eastern Europe centuries ago, Bohemian jewelry is most often associated with new age, free-spirited individuals. Bohemian jewelry is available as a necklace, pendant, rings, earrings, leather handbags, wallets and accessories. Though many materials are used to make Boho jewelry, the main goal is to create a solo statement for the users.