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There are millions of jewelry stores in the world, and when we started out, we immediately realized that we didn’t want to be just another jewelry store. We wanted to create high-quality products that our customers love, but that had a greater purpose in this world. A portion of each handmade piece that you purchase from The Jewelry Junkie goes towards providing clean drinking water for an under-developed community. Learn more about the program that we participate in below.


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Drinking Water Facts & Statistics

  • 387 million children, worldwide, are living in poverty 

  • Over 579 million people are drinking contaminated water

  • 841 million people are without basic water access

  • 1 in 13 children will die before their 5th birthday due to malaria, diarrhea, and pneumonia

  • Health and nutrition resources are minimal in underdeveloped countries

  • 80% of the world lives on $10 or less a day

    Data gathered from Lifewater. Learn more at

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The Jewelry Junkie partnered with an organization called Hand Up Global that helps deliver clean drinking water to a small village in Haiti. On average, the residents of Canaan were walking over two miles, round trip, daily to carry water to the village. Hand Up Global wanted to make it easier for this community to have access to clean drinking water, so they built a well.

The cistern that was built holds 24-gallons of water and will provide water for approximately 1,500 people that live in this part of Canaan. The well was built by hand by individuals in the community. Once it was done, the trucks rolled in and came to fill the tank.

The people of Canaan were so incredibly excited to finally have water without having to walk miles to retrieve it. In most cases, getting water and bringing it back to the village was left for women and children to do. Because it was so difficult to retrieve water, a majority of the time one bucket was for self-sustainability and the other was sold to someone in the community that needed it. Even if a profit was being made, neither women nor children were safe during this trek, making the cistern we built all the more necessary. 

A portion of each sale at The Jewelry Junkie has, and will continue to go,to Hand Up Global to help with the construction of this well and various other projects that are happening in Canaan.. We will continue to partner with them in a number of other ways in the coming year so that we can continue to give our products a greater purpose in this world. Thank you for supporting the people of Canaan and the projects that we are working on over there; your purchase is making a difference.

Be a part of our mission by helping us fund the various projects that underdeveloped countries need. Browse the variety of accessories that we have available for purchase online and feel free to reach out with any questions that you have about the program we’ve partnered with.